Classic Massage

First, a distinction should be made between a classic full body massage and a partial massage. While - as the name suggests - several relevant parts of the body are subjected to "kneading" with a full-body massage, with a partial massage only those parts of the body that are directly related to the discomfort are kneaded. A good example of this would be a back massage for "low back problems". Logically, kneading the legs would make little sense here. A massage can then be performed lying down or sitting, depending on the type and region of the problem areas. The classic massage is usually carried out without technical aids, i.e. with the hands on the body, and is therefore also classified as a direct massage.

If the aim of the treatment is relaxation, it is more likely to be carried out with slow arm and hand movements by the masseur. Mobilization (for example, before competitions) is usually carried out in a faster and also "harder" pace. The mobilization, however, is more a part of the sports massage, so we concentrate on a pure relaxation massage..